CPACS Express serves as an employment mobility project granted by the Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Program and New Freedom Funds through the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to connect and increase mobility options for the Clarkston community in DeKalb County. CPACS Express Bus Line is the premier source of affordable employment transportation with round-trip door to door service for refugee/immigrant and low income families in Clarkston.

  • Assistance with organizing carpool


Clarkston Mobility Project’s goal is to increase access to transportation access for a higher quality of life, especially to employment and employment related activities for low-income immigrants and refugees. CPACS Express buses provides late-night and weekend service, shuttle service, demand-responsive van service, ride sharing activities and establish regional mobility managers activities.

CPACS EXPRESS BUS LINE - Clarkston Mobility Project

  • Transportation from Clarkston to CPACs for employment services
  • Transportation from Clarkston to Employment Locations for job application and interview.
  • Drivers speak Nepali, Burmese, and English

CPACS Mobility Waiver & Release Form

I understand the purpose of this form is to determine if I am eligible to participate in the New Freedom Transportation Services offered through CPACS. I understand this program is designated to serve individuals of 19 to 59 with a disability and seniors over 65 who have difficulty using regular public transportation due to their disability or language access. By signing this application, I have received CPACS Mobility Education Material.

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