About us


The Center for Pan Asian Community Services, Inc. (CPACS) is a nonprofit organization located in Atlanta, Ga. Established as the first and largest Asian and Pacific Islander health and human service agency in the Southeast region.

CPACS has been providing its core group of services to immigrant and refugee families in Georgia since 1980.


To promote self-sufficiency and equity for immigrants, refugees, and the underprivileged through comprehensive health and social services, capacity building, and advocacy.

CPACS staff and volunteers serve over 79,500 clients a year and has the ability to speak over 25 different languages, both Asian and non-Asian.

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Board of Directors

Aisah Gayle, Board Chair
VP of Operations, Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Michelle Ferreyra
Realtor, Bogo World

Josue Rosales
CEO, Rosale Financial Group

Nguyen (Nick) H. Tu
Contractor, M&S Homecare
Contractor, Avrio Realtors

Norma Zúñiga-Cardoza
Vice President, Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Brian O. Williams, M.D
CEO, Four Corners Primary Care Centers, Inc.

Jess Villegas
Consultant, Acuity

Misoon Lee
Licensed Professional Counselor

Wooiyi Yin
Business Owner

Salai Thang
President, Burmese Chin Community of Atlanta

Louis Tseng
Networking Engineering Manager, Georgia State University

Kap Kim
Executive VP, Sight Machine

Charlene Fang
DeKalb County Board of Property Assessors