Health Equity and Access

CPACS Community Health, Preventions, and Victim Services commit to reducing and eliminating disparities while achieving optimal health in the refugee, immigrant, and underserved communities in the state of Georgia by providing comprehensive health services, outreach, education, and awareness for community members.

Our Health Equity and Access team delivers on the pillars of Response, Policy, and Prevention. We ensure equitable access by creating programs that addresses the target population’s needs and thoroughly understands its unique characteristics.

The departments and programs under the Health Equity and Access branch serve as critical service points for our community by providing a culturally aware and competent approach that assists clients.

To make an appointment or have questions, call CPACS at 770-936-0969.
Appointments can be completed in-person or online via Zoom.


Too Good for Drugs is an evidence-based substance abuse prevention curriculum composed of 10 lessons. Students will develop social and emotional skills for making healthy choices, build positive friendships, develop self-efficacy, communicating effectively, and resist peer pressure and influence. CPACS provides these programs in Atlanta at our after-school sites and at other partnering organizations.

As part of the nationwide Drug Free Communities Support Program, GATE is a coalition that works to engage and empower AAPI and Latino communities of Georgia to prevent underage alcohol, tobacco, drug and other substance use. GATE holds monthly meetings for community members and advocates.  

As COVID-19 is still prevalent in the world, it is important to provide everyone with the right information. We educate the community about COVID-19, vaccines, and how to stay safe during the pandemic. If you have questions about where to get a COVID-19 vaccine or if you need help with registering for an appointment, please call 770-936-0969 for more information.

The CPACS Health Team provides free HIV testing in the community and by appointment. We can offer rapid testing with a $10 gift card incentive or an at-home self-testing kit with a $15 gift card incentive.

We also have a free condom distribution program. Please come to the office to request variety pack condoms or get them mailed to your home at this link:

Lastly, the CPACS Health Team provides a workshop (VOICES/VOCES) that interactively discusses healthy safer sexual behaviors and condom negotiation. For more information, please call 770-936-0969.


Tuberculosis rates in the AAPI community in the U.S. are highest among all other racial groups. Therefore, the CPACS Health Team works to reduce barriers and increase education by providing community education during World TB Day.

The Affordable Care Act extends financial help for 560,000 uninsured Georgians who are eligible for discounts that lower their health insurance costs to $50 or less a month, and about 493,000 can enroll in a plan with no monthly cost at all. Enrolling in health insurance can be confusing, but CPACS provides free help to navigate the enrollment process. We educate the community about the importance and benefits of having health insurance.

To enroll in a plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace, please visit