CPACS History

The Center for Pan Asian Community Services, Inc. (CPACS) was founded in 1980 on the belief that “People Need People”. It is the first, largest, and longest standing organization in the Southeast focused on issues concerning Asian Americans and other underserved populations.

Since its inception, CPACS’s goal has been to deliver comprehensive and family-centered social and health services. CPACS recognizes that issues of health, education, employment, citizenship, and community are interrelated and integral to people’s success and their ability to contribute to the society in which we live. 

During the past 41 years, CPACS has evolved from a volunteer-run organization helping mostly Korean Americans, into a multi-service organization with racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse staff whose linguistic ability covers some 18 different language groups (both Asian and non-Asian). CPACS’s capacity to serve the community also grew from 791 clients per month in 1999 to 6,625 clients per month in

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