Every year, families arrive from Asian and Pacific Island countries to the United States as immigrants and refugees, as they have for hundreds of years. They come to America dreaming of opportunities for freedom and prosperity, bringing with them the desire to contribute to their new land and the willingness to work hard to achieve their dreams.

 Since 1980, CPACS has provided a home base and essential programs that support Asian Americans in their new chosen country. By providing a variety of services for numerous facets of life, CPACS helps many on their personal journeys and brings people together to create stronger communities.

 CPACS began as a volunteer-run organization providing health and human services to the area’s Korean Americans, yet it quickly found that services were also needed by other Asians from many different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and many of which being limited English proficient. Today, CPACS has a diverse staff of more than 100 full- and part-time employees, capable of speaking 15 different languages. The staff, led by CEO/ President Chaiwon Kim, provides a broad array of programs that serve men, women, seniors, children and youth in metro Atlanta and beyond. The number of individuals served each month has grown from 791 in 1999 to an average of 2,300 in 2011.

 Although CPACS has a unique capacity to serve Asians, it has evolved to provide services that benefit the entire community we live in, be it African American, Hispanic American, White American or Asian American.