First-Time Home Buyer Education

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March 18, 2017


First-Time Home Buyer Education

Considering homeownership as your next move? First Time Home Buyer Education is where you want to start!

Homeownership may be the greatest way to reward yourself and your family. It may be also be a great invest for your future. Whether you are just around the corner or miles away from becoming a homeowner, the process of homeownership can be frustrating and even a stumbling block on your homeownership journey. First-Time Home Buyer Education is a great place to gain knowledge and start your homeownership journey with confidence rather than frustration.

From CPACS First-Time Home Buyer Education, you will learn about:

- Owning vs. renting: Am I making the right choice?
- Home buying process
- Budget: assess your affordability
- Credit: Establish, improve and manage
- Loans: What type of loan is best for me?
- Down payment assistance programs
- Shopping for a home
- Importance of home inspection and insurance
- Post-purchase: Protecting your investment